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Compassion Books In Lai Chau

Tủ Sách Nhân Ái / Compassion Books In Lai Chau

Compassion Books In Lai Chau


‘A beautiful day

An effective collaboration.

A meticulous preparation.

A joyous and enthusiastic atmosphere.

A bright prospect.’

 Lai Chau province, Vietnam – A perfect program was successfully held today as 116 bookcases from various humanitarian organizations were donated to 6 disadvantaged schools in Lai Chau province. The program was executed in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training of Lai Chau province, the Provincial Police of Lai Chau, Primary School No.2 in Lai Chau city, and the Humanitarian Bookcase program.

 Despite previous efforts of sending numerous books to provinces in the northern mountainous region, this was the first time that the Humanitarian Bookcase program conducted a large-scale book donation and sharing program in Lai Chau. The outcome exceeded expectations, with almost all conditions met accordingly.

 The shared content in the program was deeply moving and touched the hearts of all participants, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere. In particular, the part of sharing experiences and solutions for promoting reading was enthusiastically embraced by the representatives of the schools. They willingly shared their stories, including their accomplishments and areas that needed improvement.

 An exceptional individual, Teacher Thuy Tim Li Luu, who is one of the rare physical education teachers in the country, pioneered the development of a reading culture not only in her school but also in the neighboring villages. Thuy also generously donated a special book entitled “Khong Guc Nga” by Nguyen Bich Lan to Primary School No.2 in Lai Chau city.

 Although it is impossible to fully share all the joys experienced today in one article, we promise to keep the feelings of Lai Chau in our hearts and look forward to future opportunities to serve this community.

Date: 19/06/2020
Duration: 1 Day