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Compassion Books Organizes Reading Program During Tet Holiday 2023

Tủ Sách Nhân Ái / Compassion Books Organizes Reading Program During Tet Holiday 2023

Compassion Books Organizes Reading Program During Tet Holiday 2023


Amidst the challenges faced in various aspects over the past year, Compassion Books is encouraging individuals to prioritize family time, book reading, and relaxation during this year’s Tet holiday. In support of this initiative, the organization has planned a major program in Vu Quang, featuring the donation of 70 bookcases and an exchange with four Houses of Wisdom and schools in the area.

The House of Wisdom in Phu and Duc Linh, as well as Son Tho Elementary and Middle School and Quang Tho Elementary and Middle School, will all be involved in the program. Compassion Books is inviting supporters to participate in the event, which is scheduled to take place at 8:00 am on January 29, 2023, at the House of Wisdom in An Phu commune.

Compassion Books would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all donors, investor friends, and colleagues who contributed books to the students in Vu Quang, including Dung Le Nguyen Hung Manh, Chu Thanh u, Phan Hieu, Hiep Nguyen, Habi Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Phuong, Thi Vo, Nguyen Canh Binh, Minh Phuong, the Sơn Phùng Ngan Jp family, the Shin Ken Cuong Phan family, and more than 80 other colleagues in the Namoon investment group and Xứ Nghệ Index.

The organization looks forward to welcoming everyone to Vu Quang on the morning of Lunar New Year’s Day and hopes that the program will promote the value of reading and encourage individuals to prioritize self-care during the Tet holiday.

Best regards,

Compassion Books team.

Date: 29/01/2023
Duration: 1 Day