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For a humanity of 

Compassion and Wisdom


Bookcases/Libraries serving




schools and communities in 60 out of 63 provinces under


lifelong learning spaces in 12 provinces.


members, especially children and locals in poor rural areas

Who we are

Compassion Books began operating in 2016 as an initiative to promote the development of reading culture and literacy. Two years later, the Social Enterprise – Compassion Books Co., Ltd. was officially established (October 19/ 2018), becoming one of the leading organizations in promoting reading culture, literacy and lifelong learning in Vietnam. Over the years, we have founded and replicated two community learning models named Compassion Books and The House of Wisdom.

With Compassion Books, we have established a network of 17,531 bookcases/libraries in more than 3000 schools and residential communities (in houses, community cultural houses, Catholic churches, Buddhist temples, shelters, businesses, hospitals, prisons, etc.), providing quality reading opportunities for over 2 million readers in 60 out of 63 provinces of Vietnam and a number of schools in Laos.

As for The House of Wisdom, there are 108 lifelong learning spaces in 12 provinces of Vietnam and 04 other countries around the world (Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan), helping more than 10,000 members, especially children and locals in poor rural areas to have the opportunity for quality and free education from leading experts and lecturers in Vietnam and internationally.

How our team is

The Board of Directors consists of 9 members, working in various fields ranging from education, finance and investment to construction and sustainable development… Regarding academic degrees, there are 2 members who hold doctorates, 5 who hold masters along with 1 engineer and 1 bachelor. All of us have great aspirations to promote reading culture, self-study and lifelong learning in the community. With a diverse background of industries and activity fields (predominantly in education), as well as the depth of knowledge and experience, the Board of Directors possesses a large vision and multi-dimensional perspectives in strategic planning and implementing initiatives. Because of that, not only are breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions created but they become feasible. The results brought on are recognized and reputed not only towards organizations, businesses and individual donors, but also policy makers, ministries and branches of the State.

In addition, our organization also possesses a strong force of highly specialized advisors who are dedicated to education and the sustainable development of a global community of compassionate and intelligent citizens.


Empower generations to actively contribute to the development of our nation and humanity as global citizens with wisdom and compassion, through education and lifelong learning


– Create a lifelong learning ecosystem by establishing a network of libraries and community-based learning spaces that cover all schools and residential communities.

– Foster understanding and trust among nations, communities, and individuals by promoting cross-border learning and cultural exchange activities, ultimately contributing to peace and sustainable development.

What we offer

Through building a community of readers, we promote the love of lifelong learning, nurture global citizens with compassion and wisdom and foster the development of the nation and humanity.

Give Books

Delivering millions of highly valuable books to the hands of underprivileged children.

Foster Reading Culture

Support the beneficiaries to improve their reading habits in the community

Develop lifelong learning

Empower individuals to become lifelong learners and global citizens through knowledge, skills and attitudes

For philanthropists

Join us! We appreciates your kindness. We hope to receive new and used book donations for our library. We also accept monetary donations and the support of volunteers

For beneficiaries

Are you a teacher at an orphanage or school that needs a bookcase but lacks the necessary resources? Download the book request form and necessary information and send it back to us.