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Huong Khe District Leadership’s Intellectual Power Fuels Dragon Aspirations

Tủ Sách Nhân Ái / Huong Khe District Leadership’s Intellectual Power Fuels Dragon Aspirations

Huong Khe District Leadership’s Intellectual Power Fuels Dragon Aspirations


Huong Khe district, a mountainous region in the southwest of Ha Tinh province, faces many challenges in socio-economic development. However, the generations of leaders in Huong Khe district have long harbored a desire to achieve the “carp jumping over the Dragon Gate” and have strived to fulfill their aspirations.

 Recently, the Compassion Books program, in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Huong Khe district, the Department of Education and Training of the district, and the House of Wisdom, organized a special book donation and inspiration program. This program drew inspiration from Vu Mon Waterfall, a natural masterpiece and a gem of the green forest, which was bestowed by heaven and earth specifically for Huong Khe.

 The event, which will take place at Phuc Trach Secondary School on April 10, 2021 (Saturday) at 2:30 pm, will see the donation of 254 bookcases containing over 10,000 valuable books worth VND 432 million to 30 schools, including elementary, secondary, and high schools, in Huong Khe district. The event will feature the participation of businesses, individuals, and philanthropists both inside and outside the country, especially former students of Huong Khe who are returning to their hometown.

 Government officials and educators from the provincial, district, and commune levels will attend the event. Notable attendees include representatives from the Departments of Education and Training, Information and Communications, Provincial Library, the Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front, and members of the Executive Board of the “House of Wisdom.” Representatives from Ha Tinh newspaper and Provincial Radio and Television Station will also be present.

 At the district level, attendees will include Permanent representatives of the District Party Committee, the district People’s Committee, the District Propaganda Committee, the District Vietnam Fatherland Front Executive Committee, the Department of Culture and Information, the District Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the District Cultural and Communication Center (reporting) and especially the Director and Deputy Directors, all specialists from the District Department of Education and Training.

 Representatives from the commune level include the Secretary and Chairman of the People’s Committee of Phuc Trach Commune.

 The event will also feature Principals of all elementary and secondary schools in the district, the Parent Association of Phuc Trach Secondary School, all teachers and students of Phuc Trach Secondary School, 4th and 5th grade students of Phuc Trach Elementary School, as well as representatives of teachers and students from other secondary schools and the Parent Association of Phuc Trach Middle School.

 The Humanitarian Bookshelf and Intelligent House Program will be represented by members of the two programs’ executive board, representatives of humanitarians, and former students from Huong Khe.

 The most anticipated part of the event is an exchange of inspiration with the world-renowned academic memory record holder, Duong Anh Vu. Unfortunately, Tran Gia Hung is unable to attend the event due to being busy with exams abroad.

 The organizers of the Compassion Books and Intelligent House Program invite humanitarians, teachers, readers, and those who love the two programs to participate in this special ceremony. They also respectfully announce and invite media outlets to participate in filming and reporting on this important event.

 For over three years, the Compassion Books program has been working with schools in Huong Khe district to develop a reading culture. The program’s donation of books and inspiration by the Compassion Books has a special significance for the district’s leadership, who are fueled by intellectual power and aspire to achieve their Dragon Aspirations.

Date: 04/10/2021
Duration: 1 Day