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The House of Wisdom joins Lifelong Learning Week 2022

Tủ Sách Nhân Ái / The House of Wisdom joins Lifelong Learning Week 2022

The House of Wisdom joins Lifelong Learning Week 2022


The House of Wisdom joins Lifelong Learning Week 2022 to promote lifelong learning communities and education in Vietnam

Phu Tho, Vietnam – The Ministry of Education and Training has launched Lifelong Learning Week 2022 at the Hung Temple in Phu Tho province. The House of Wisdom, a pioneering organization in Vietnam, has participated in this year’s launch ceremony to promote lifelong learning models and communities in the country.

The House of Wisdom was established to lead two charity programs in the education sector: Compassion Books and The House of Wisdom. Compassion Books focuses on building and expanding bookcase and library models to support educational promotion through reading in schools and communities. After more than five years of operation, Compassion Books has donated 16,716 bookcases to schools and communities in 60 provinces and cities, providing reading opportunities for millions of people, especially students at all levels.

The House of Wisdom focuses on creating, maintaining, and developing completely free lifelong learning communities. Until now, there have been 82 House of Intelligence established and operating in 12 provinces and 4 countries around the world, including Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Thousands of classes on English, life skills, swimming, farming, baking, chess, electrical safety, sex education, reading books, storytelling for children, stock investment, and many attractive modules on culture, education, tourism, and sports are being organized at The House of Wisdom, all of which are completely free.

The House of Wisdom has continued its collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training’s Department of Continuing Education by donating libraries to the most active Continuing Education Centers throughout the country. Two Continuing Education Centers, the Continuing Education Center and the Comprehensive Technical Center – Vocational Guidance of Phu Tho province, were presented with libraries during the launch ceremony. Each library is worth more than 42 million VND, donated by The House of Wisdom and philanthropists.

“We are grateful to the philanthropists who have always accompanied the two programs Compassion Books and The House of Wisdom, jointly contributing every good book, computer, projector, and sports equipment to schools and The House of Wisdom across the country,” said The House of Wisdom representatives Dr. Phan Thuy Chi and Master Nguyen Quoc Huy (CEO of Compassion Books).

Lifelong Learning Week 2022 aims to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and the opportunities it provides for people of all ages to learn and develop their skills. The House of Wisdom’s participation in the launch ceremony highlights the organization’s commitment to promoting education and lifelong learning in Vietnam.

Date: 01/10/2022
Duration: 1 Day