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Compassion Books in Ben Tre

Tủ Sách Nhân Ái / Compassion Books in Ben Tre

Compassion Books in Ben Tre


Về Bến Tre năm xưa còn lo ngại

Sợ đường xa lỡ mất chuyến phà sang

Nay Hàm Luông, Rạch Miễu rộng thênh thang

Nghe gió thổi tưởng như làn sóng vỗ.

(Về Bến Tre – Quốc Duy)


Back in the old days, worried we were

Fearful of losing the ferry crossing so far

Now the Ham Luong and Rach Mieu rivers

Flow wide and free, their winds like waves that sigh.

(Returning to Ben Tre – Quoc Duy )

 Once again, the volunteers of Compassion Books organization are embarking on a journey back to their hometown, Đồng Khởi Bến Tre, with 100 boxes of books for 100 schools in Thạnh Phú district. This time, they are joined by 30 members of ITL Group, a company that upholds its mission for the community.

 Each volunteer trip is an opportunity for the company to create an environment for its employees to understand and embrace the values and mission of the company. Compassion Books also invites locals to visit Bến Tre, a land that has changed dramatically thanks to the efforts of its people and leaders over the years. (In 2018, Bến Tre ranked fourth in the country in terms of provincial competitiveness, behind Quảng Ninh, Đồng Tháp, and Long An. This achievement was made possible through the deep attention and guidance in fostering the love of books and nurturing the reading culture for today’s students.)

 As the journey progresses, memories of their childhood and youth flood back to the volunteers, reminding them of the hardships and joys of growing up in this land. They reminisce about the stories they heard from their grandparents and the values they were taught by their parents.

 Through this journey, Compassion Books and the employees of ITL Group have found new inspiration and determination to continue their mission of serving the community. They believe that with their collective efforts, Bến Tre will soar to new heights in the near future, becoming a beacon of hope and prosperity for all.


Date: 16/05/2019
Duration: 1 Day