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Compassion Books In Ca Mau

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Compassion Books In Ca Mau


A Heartwarming Story Of Compassion And Connection: 164 Bookshelves And Over 7,000 Inspiring Books Donated To Ca Mau Schools

Sometimes, it seems as though the universe conspires to bring people together. This is precisely what happened two years ago when a comrade from the Cà Mau City Police Department (PL Thien) first planted bookshelves at Phan Ngoc Hien High School. And on November 12th of this year, the Compassion Books returned to Ca Mau with an incredible donation of 164 bookshelves and over 7,000 books for 8 schools, including elementary, middle, and high schools, in Cai Nuoc district. Once again, the provincial police officers of Cà Mau acted as the organizers and connectors for the program, but this time on a larger and more professional scale.

The Compassion Books held an online sharing session via Zoom on November 3rd to help teachers build a reading ecosystem. During the session, Mr. Hoang Trong Thuy, the Head of the Zhishan Foundation Project Office, shared the “Friendly Library – Becoming Friends with Books” model, which has been successfully implemented in central provinces for over 10 years.

Afterward, the schools completed their preparations, including equipping shelves/bookcases in classrooms and incorporating reading periods into their weekly schedules. Finally, the much-anticipated book donation ceremony took place with great enthusiasm after days of anticipation. The Cà Mau police officers not only acted as connectors but also contributed to the event with their performances, which included a beautiful rendition of “The Homeland Calls My Name” by singer Lam Tri Tu.

But what students and teachers were most looking forward to was the exchange and sharing of inspiration from world memory champion – Dương Anh Vũ Dương Anh Vũ (one of the 12 members of the Compassion Books) and his friend Lương Tuấn Phi (Tuan Phi Luong) – a member of the Vietnam Superbrain Team 2019. The stories of their childhood and journey of overcoming themselves inspired strongly and left a deep impression on the students and teachers of Cai Nuoc district. They are vivid evidence of the truth: Nothing is impossible, as long as there is a correct method and a persistent will!

The 164 bookshelves with over 7,000 good books and inspiring stories will serve as a powerful tool for the students in the southernmost region of the country to rise up and awaken the purpose of their lives. The Compassion Books would like to express their deep gratitude to the businesses and philanthropists who contributed books for Cà Mau students. They also extend their thanks to the Cà Mau Provincial Police Department, the Department of Education, and the Cai Nuoc District Youth Union for their enthusiastic and careful coordination in making this program a success.

Date: 12/11/2020
Duration: 1 Day